Being strategically located and within the central region of the peninsular, Selangor has not only been about its rich history but also its inherent inclination towards inclusivity. For generations, Selangor has witnessed the amalgamation of numerous cultures and heritage coming together in a typically reciprocating fashion where traditions and customs seeped into one another, advancing and growing the local community towards a unique bouquet of cohesive understanding.

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Sate Kajang Haji Samuri, Kajang | Credit: The Star Online

Nothing illustrates this more than the food you’ll find here. Selangor carries a unique blend of concoctions that many find irresistible. Here, culinary aspirations are about blending tastes based on our exposure to other cultures and traditions, and not solely on origin. It’s not surprising to see even traditional dishes having made manoeuvrers throughout generations, lending tastes and ingredients from one another. As a result, Selangor has become fertile ground for culinary creativity to thrive, giving diners an appetizing edge and offering a break from the mundane.

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Nasi Ambeng, Warung Ibu Restaurant, Kuala Selangor | Credit: Time Out

Even with traditional dishes, it’s common to identify hints of new and different influences often determined by the interesting hues introduced by varying chefs, topped-off with a signature of individualism.

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Bak Kut Teh, Weng Heong Restaurant, Klang | Credit EatWithStellie

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Chong Kok Kopitiam, Klang | Credit: KLFoodie

Another distinct characteristic of dining in Selangor is the varying degrees of settings and presentations you’ll find here. From farms and floating restaurants to posh décor and fishing villages, it’s not only about the perfection in taste, but also about how you feel when you come for a meal. Local eateries tend to go the extra mile to make a difference in delivering treasured experiences and lasting memories.

It is our hope that you will appreciate the diversity of our tastes and the distinct nature of our hospitality when you visit Selangor

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Cendol Bakar, Kuala Selangor | Credit: kyspeaks.com

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