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Selangor Domestic and International Tourist Statistics 2018

Here are some infographics that shows Selangor Domestic and International Tourist Statistics 2018, specially prepared by the Statistics Unit, Promotion and Industrial Development Department.

Overview of Tourists in 2018

Selangor Domestic and International Tourist Statistics 2018 1

We have welcomed 7,234,445 recorded tourists to Selangor in the year 2018. However, this number does fare lower than in 2017 by 2.96%. On a percentage standpoint, 55% of the tourists are domestic visitors (Malaysians) while 45%  tourists are visitors from other countries. The most popular month for visiting Selangor seems appears to be in the month of July with a number of 691,148 tourists (a whopping 29.81% higher than average), whereas the lowest month is in the month of May with 504,793 tourists (16.34% lower than average). On a comparison standpoint, we are seeing an increase of 2.39% for locals to travel domestically, whereas there is a decline by 8.89% from overseas travellers.

Domestic Tourists

Selangor Domestic and International Tourist Statistics 2018 2

For local travellers, we have a 2.39% increase in tourists coming into Selangor, which can be translated into 93,791 domestic tourists that have decided to support local travel destinations. For the trend of domestic tourist arrival to Selangor by month in 2018, November seems to be the highest month for travelling, possible reason due to year end nearing and parents would like to spend more time with their kids before the new year kicks in. May however, receives the lowest amount of Tourists with a 21.39% lower than average. The top 3 highest states of Domestic tourists arrival to Selangor (by order of amount) is Kuala Lumpur, followed by Johor and then Pulau Pinang.

International Tourist

Selangor Domestic and International Tourist Statistics 2018 3

The total number of international tourists visited Selangor in 2018 has seen a drop by 701,924 or 8.89%, however we still welcomed a number of 3,219,362 international tourists. In 2018, the highest traffic for international tourist was recorded by tourist from China with a number of 1,062,724 people which made up a total of 33%. Tourist percentage from our notable neighbours are Thailand with 90,076 or 3%, Singapore 316,231 or 10%, and Indonesia 208,715 or 6%. The international tourist arrival trend by month seems to have a reverse trend compared to domestic tourists. We have received the highest visitors during the middle of the year and it slowed down during the end of the year. From a continent standpoint, most of our tourists come from the East Asia region with 1,510,437 tourists (a 21.45% increase). However, we have received only 185,714 tourists from the Middle East, a 48.52% drop from the previous year. Let’s look back closer to home, where we compare the tourist arrivals among the ASEAN countries. Thailand is leading the pack as the most preferred travel destination with 38 million tourists. Followed by Malaysia with 25 million and Singapore at 18 million.

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BUSINESS HOURS 8:30am – 5:30pm, Monday to Fridays | SUPPORT: +603-55132000 | EMAIL: [email protected]