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Discover Kuala Langat

Discover Kuala Langat 1The name Kuala Langat originated from its position at the estuary of Sungai Langat. Air hangat’ means lukewarm water in the Minangkabau dialect. Initial traders who used this river as their trade route found the mouth of the river water to be constantly warm. Some say the selangat fish caught from this river strengthened the rationale behind the name.

Kuala Langat district is known for its beautiful beaches like Kelanang and Morib. While you are here, stay a night or two at the Gold Coast Morib International Resort and enjoy the water theme park or simply just sit down and unwind by the beach.

At Jugra Hill, visitors can view historical relics from the time of the Sultan of Selangor’s reign and if you are up for an adventure, give tandem paragliding experience a try from the hill.

Visit Paya Indah Wetlands for a fun-filled day with the sighting of a good deal of wildlife like crocodiles, hippos, rare migratory birds and many more. With so many activities await, you will go home packed with memorable moments. If you would like to see various species of hornbills, Sungai Karang Forest Reserve Hornbill Observatory Centre will be your best bet.

Kuala Langat also has a spot for sailing enthusiasts to congregate and hone their skills in handling yachts. If you are not keen on sailing, fret not just sit down and enjoy the sea view. The indigenous people’s settlement (Orang Asli settlement) at Carey Island and the Malay villages that are rich in local culture and traditions are also worth visiting.


Eco & Nature

Eco & Nature
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Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands
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Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands

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Kelanang Beach

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BUSINESS HOURS 8:30am – 5:30pm, Monday to Fridays | SUPPORT: +603-55132000 | EMAIL: [email protected]

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