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Batu Kapur (Limestone) Kuala Lumpur Bukit Takun is one of the Gombak-Hulu Langat Geopark’s geosites located in the Templer Forest Reserve and offers scientific, recreational, aesthetic, and cultural heritage values. The Batu Kapur (Limestone) Kuala Lumpur Bukit Takun has limestone fossils that may be found mainly in the horizon or beneath the sequence, and the Kuala Lumpur Batu Kapur (Limestone) Bukit Takun is 440 million years old.

Other than the Bukit Batu Kapur Batu Caves, the limestone around Bukit Anak Takun and Bukit Takun is part of the Kuala Lumpur Formation rocks that still remain on the surface. It is also the last sediment deposit on the shallow sea platform before the environmental change caused by ocean closure.

Furthermore, these rocks contain a variety of limestone fossils, particularly in the horizontal or bottom part of the sequence. Among the fossils are corals like Ketaphyllum aff. Turbinatum, Heliolites sp., Thecia swinderniana, and Halysites sp., brachiopods from the genus Capellinella, Cymbidium Antrypella, and Delthyris, and gas-tropods like Poleumita cf. Discors, Poleumita scamnata, Euomphlus sp. Based on these brachiopod fossils, the Kuala Lumpur Limestone is thought to be Middle-Late Silurian in age (Ludlow). The bentonite fossils discovered indicate that the Kuala Lumpur Limestone was deposited in the vicinity of a shallow sea that was connected to the vast ocean during the Silurian period. Similar fossil species have been reported in Europe and Burma.

This is Gombak-Hulu Langat Geopark’s geosite (G04)

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