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The Kanching Eco Forest Park (Taman Eko Rimba Kanching) is located at Rawang and is about 21 km away from Kuala Lumpur. If you are looking for a few hours off your regular routine, head for this tropical rain forest and spend one to three hours here. This forest is a popular spot for a picnic during the weekends. It has seven waterfalls and pools have been built to contain the clean water that falls down from the hills.

A Fiesta of Splashing Water

Renowned for its seven tiers of waterfalls, Kanching Eco Forest Park is a park with the most waterfalls in Selangor. You will discover that this forest reserve is like a carnival of waterfalls with varying heights and landscapes where you can choose to take a refreshing dip in the crystal clear water of Kanching River. Some waterfalls are small but powerful; some gentle and graceful; some plummeting; and some cascading majestically. They are a feast for the senses. With so many waterfalls to choose from, finding the perfect spot to revel in its beauty may not be an easy decision to make.

Every waterfall is distinctively beautiful

Upon entering the park, visitors will be greeted by natural greenery with a beautiful lawn and a gentle stream covered with pebbles where children and adults can have a splashing good time. There are gazebos, stone benches, and a bridge across the stream, making this area a good spot for picnics. Further up this spot is the verdant forest reserve. Before reaching the first waterfall, the stream flows gently, making this area a natural water park for children. The cement steps will lead you to the first waterfall. It is a small waterfall of about 4 to 5 meters high. The water tumbles forcefully and almost vertically into the groove at the base and flows to the right side of the waterfall.

A trail into the forest

The concrete path ends at the fourth level where the trail into the forest begins. Across the bridge, the trail turns uphill to the right side along the stream. After walking for a few minutes, the fifth waterfall will unexpectedly come into view in the woods. Here, water plunges down almost vertically and forcefully, forming a shroud of mist where visitors can take a refreshing shower under it. You can also take a dip in the shallow water or enjoy the scenery and gentle breeze generated by the force of falling water.

To reach the sixth tier, you need to follow the trail on the right side of the fifth waterfall. After several minutes, you will reach the base of the sixth waterfall. The waterfall is a steep rocky slope measuring dozens of meters, thus not in full view from the bottom. The journey up the steep slope is a showcase of different facets of the landscape. At the end of this trail is where the seventh waterfall is located. If you keep going up after the seventh trail, you will reach a flat elevation and discover that the water actually comes from two small streams.

Desserts after the Feast of Scenery

Kanching waterfalls are located in the forest abounds with flora and fauna. However, the roar of the waterfalls and gentle sound of tricking water fill the air and muffle the sounds of chirping birds and buzzing insects. Furthermore, the spectacular views of the waterfalls and the crystal-clear streams are always eye-catching. Thus, to quietly contemplate its flora and fauna is a challenge. In this forest, the streams and waterfalls steal the limelight.

How to get there

Kanching Eco Forest Park is located about 7km south of Rawang. From Kuala Lumpur, take Damansara–Puchong Expressway (LDP) or Jalan Ipoh to Bandar Baru Selayang northbound towards Rawang. After Selayang, look out for the signpost to Hutan Lipur Kanching before you reach Rawang. Hutan Lipur Kanching is on your right. Go further up and make a U-turn at the traffic light.


Downpour at the hills will cause the river to rise rapidly. Stay safe and be careful of slippery stones. Guard your belongings from light-fingered monkeys.

New entrance fees:

Monday – Friday:
Malaysia Citizen: RM2.00 per person
Non-Malaysia Citizen: RM8.00 per person

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday:
Malaysia Citizen: RM3.00 per person
Non-Malaysia Citizen: RM8.00 per person

Other charges:

Gazebo Rental:RM250.00 per day

Parking Rates:
Car: RM5.00
Motorcycle: RM2.00
Bus: RM15.00

Film Shooting: RM1,000.00

Kanching Eco Forest Park 1


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