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Rijang Gombak Karak Highway is one of the geosites of the Gombak-Hulu Langat Geopark, which is located adjacent to Jalan Persekutuan 68 (Jalan Gombak-Genting Sempah) and has scientific and recreational heritage value. For reference, the Rijang Gombak Karak Highway is 350 million years old, and the rocks have gone through many geological episodes, resulting in limited observation locations for these rocks.

This rock is a record of deep-sea sedimentation that can only be seen along the Gombak-Genting Sempah road. This layer formed as a result of the continuous shrinking of the land mass as the two supercontinents, Gondwana (in the southern hemisphere) and Laurasia (in the northern hemisphere), moved closer to each other towards the formation of a single supercontinent known as Pangea, which was completed at the beginning of the Mesozoic Era ( end of Late Triassic).

The Gombak Deep Sea Ridge is a stratum generated by the deposition of mud and silica during episodes of deep-sea sedimentation from the Devonian to the Carboniferous ages. As a Geosite, these rocks are a record of deep-sea sedimentation occurrences that can only be seen along the Gombak-Genting Sempah deep route. Except for the debris along the curving road, most of the outcrop has been covered by vegetation.

This is Gombak-Hulu Langat Geopark’s geosite (G13)
**This product are not open to public and only for research and study purpose as part of Gombak-Hulu Langat Geopark’s geosite.

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