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Chiling Waterfalls or Sungai Chilling are located deep in the forest 400 meters above sea level at the northeast of Selangor. The entrance is on Federal Route 55 from Kuala Kubu Bharu to Fraser’s Hill. To get to the waterfalls you need to walk about an hour and wade across the Chiling River 6 times.

An adventurous hike through the forest

The journey to the waterfalls starts from a trail after a short walk where the visitor registration office managed by the Selangor Fisheries Department and campsite are located. Besides the campsite is the Chiling River. The crystal clear water flows from the gentle upstream slope covered by sand and big rocks to the cobbled riverbed. A suspension bridge is built across the river for visitors to cross the river without getting their feet wet.

A majestic waterfall

The beautiful waterfall is a three-tiered waterfall about two to three storeys high. The highest tier is half-tucked behind the huge left cliff and not fully visible. The water plunges through a recess in the middle into the base, creating a forceful splash and a shroud of mist. The water then flows down from a slope into a big pool at the foot of the waterfall. At the right cliff is a boulder that resembles a Chinese guardian lion (it looks like a gorilla to some), adding a mysterious feel to the atmosphere of this waterfall. You can walk into the large pool at the base of the waterfall. Before long, you can spot fish swimming around you. There are two more waterfalls but they are not opened to the public due to safety reasons.

Sustainable conservation, development and recreation

Nature conservation of Chiling Waterfalls and fish sanctuary to give awareness to visitors would come here not just for a splashing good time at the waterfall but also spend time to appreciate its flora and fauna while adhering to safety rules and keeping the place clean. The beautiful Chiling River and Chiling Waterfalls not only supply natural water to the Selangor dam but also cleanse our mind and spirit. Therefore, it is a serene sanctuary worth protecting for future generations.

How to get there

From PLUS Highway exit at Exit 116 and continue on Federal Route 1 towards Kuala Kubu Bharu. When you reach Kuala Kubu Bharu town, keep an eye out for Bukit Fraser road sign. Drive on Federal Route 55 for about 11km. You will pass by a reservoir and cross a riveted steel arch bridge. Park your car at the car park on your left just after the bridge. Walkabout 100m along the road and you will see the entrance to Chiling Waterfalls and Fish Sanctuary on the right side of the road. After a short walk along the path, you will reach the campsite and the registration office.


A heavy downpour at the hills will cause the river to rise rapidly. Do not cross the river and leave the waterfall as soon as possible. Be careful of slippery stones and stay safe. Keep the surroundings clean. If you are not familiar with the routes, please contact Mr. Ujang or Mr. Halid of Kelab Rekreasi & Pelancongan Hulu Selangor (KRPHS) at 013-344 5373 or 016 246 4328 or follow Kelab Rekreasi & Pelancongan Hulu Selangor – KRPHS on Facebook.

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