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Syis Selut karak is a geosite in the Gombak-Hulu Langat Geopark that contains rocks deposited during the marine sedimentation episode of the Early Devonian period. Pebbly mudstone or diamictite is connected with a sheared olistostrome or tectonic mélange in these rocks. Outcrops of these rocks may be found along the Selut River in the Ulu Gombak area, while the easier outcrops can be found along the Gombak-Genting Sempah route.

This geosite region is currently a piece of the road along the Gombak-Genting Sempah route, with a portion exposed on the Karak Highway. From a safety point of view, cut-outs on highways are more dangerous than winding roads on inner roads. Part of the road cut showing these rocks has also been covered by plants. This geosite is suitable for research and educational purposes.

This is Gombak-Hulu Langat Geopark’s geosite (G06)
**This product are not open to public and only for research and study purpose as part of Gombak-Hulu Langat Geopark’s geosite.

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