TUKANG Design & Craft Festival 2022

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High quality and memorable products are a reflection of the extraordinary skills and creativity of its makers. Tremendous amounts of expertise and ingenuity goes behind the making of impactful products in fashion, furnishing and even food design. While Selangor state is home to many creative talents who are making waves abroad, their names are relatively unknown locally. Recognizing the impact of creatives to reimagine a better future for society; Selangor Tourism’s Department of Industrial Development proudly presents TUKANG Design & Craft Festival 2022; an inaugural art project to celebrate the best of Selangor talents in design and crafts. TUKANG Design & Craft Festival 2022 spotlights innovative craftspersons, designers and artists through a public grant award. Six winning designs were awarded RM10,000 each towards the production of their proposals and given three months for completion. The highly-anticipated new designs will be presented in a series of exciting exhibitions in Selangor. Members of the public can interact with the products and engage with the designers or craftspersons through workshop events, talks and art bazaar for an immersive experience in the art and crafts world. This remarkable initiative aims to strengthen the relationship between contemporary and traditional crafts to elevate and bring design and crafts into the 21st century.

TUKANG Design & Craft Festival 2022 is organised by Tourism Selangor, endorsed by the Selangor State Government and co-organised by Shah Alam City Council, Galeri Shah Alam, Faculty of Creative Multimedia from Multimedia University.

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Event Programme

i. Exihibition
TUKANG Exhibition:

TUKANG DESIGN & CRAFT FESTIVAL 2022 features 6 innovative design exhibitions from Selangor:
Date:22-27 November 2022
Time: 9.30am-5pm
Venue:Galeri Shah Alam (Gallery 1)
Curator:Suzy Sulaiman
2. Leon Leong & Hani Ali
3. Warenakita
4. Gharib + Batiktektura
5. Inside RG
6. Fabcafe Kuala Lumpur

ii. Artist Sharing Session

26 November 2022 Workshop Make Your Own Kaleidoscope


In this workshop, learn how to put together a kaleidoscope and create patterns and colours that will be reflected in your kaleidoscope. Don’t miss out on this workshop with a chance to be wow-ed away by your own creation.


-Artist:Gwyneth Jong & Maisarah Lubis
-Venue:Galeri Shah Alam (Gallery 1)
10am-11am: 10pax
11am-12pm: 10pax
-Registration Link:https://forms.gle/Ap6YvEpMAkpsRPkt7

 27 November 2022  Workshop BLOCK BATIK WORKSHOP – Creating Your Touch of Masterpiece kits.


Learn and experience the traditional block batik stamping process in adaptable and fascinating ways! Take a trip on your artistic journey with our first sustainable, innovative block batik tool to learn about the local traditional craft. Each set is only RM25 with all the items provided below;


● 1 Paintbrush
● Coloring Palette
● 3 Batik Color Dyes
● Plain cotton fabric with a paper frame
● Make your own creativity block arrangement


Free set for 20 Early bird bookings. Come join our batik block workshop.


-Artist:Ecovs Team
-Venue:Outdoor of Galeri Shah Alam
-Time (30 minute duration per workshop)
10am-12pm by registration, Free of charge
2pm-4pm by walk in,RM25 per person

-Registration Link:https://forms.gle/LBnea6PvBEKCmtkA7

 27 November 2022 Talk Artist Sharing Session 1


Time: 10am-12pm

Venue: Galeri Shah Alam (Gallery 1)
Registration Link:https://forms.gle/dE9RJEayLpFT6pq79


Talk 1:T.I.K.A.R

Group name:Inside RG
Artist:Khairul Aidil Azlin Abd Rahman / Nazlina Shaari


Talk 2:Cherita Ulam
Group name:Warenakita

Artist:Hanisah Nordin, Balqis Tajalli & Arief Afandi

 27 November 2022 Talk Artist Sharing Session 2


Time: 2pm-4pm

Venue: Galeri Shah Alam (Gallery 1)

Registration Link:https://forms.gle/dE9RJEayLpFT6pq79


Talk 1:’Mok’ Pod _ Experimentations in ‘Tanggam’ and ‘Batik’ Making

Group Name:Gharib + Batiktektura
Artist:Zul Fadzly Mohd Salleh, Yezreen Yusof, Azrina Lasa


Talk 2:A Piece of Kampung
Artist:Leon Leong & Hani Ali

iii. Design Talk

23 November 2022


Design Talk 1: Innovative incubation towards a meaningful
Asean creative city network
Language: EnglishOnline ZOOMRegistration:https://forms.gle/yMwXqobv34PPDUdM7 Potential Speaker :

Potential Speaker :
1. Creative Business Incubator (INDONESIA)
2. Rtist Creative Platform ((MALAYSIA)


Moderator: Wendy Teo, Founder of  Borneo Laboratory


24 November 2022


Design Talk 2: Role of creative hub in community as economic catalyst


Online ZOOM



Potential Speaker :
1. Huashan 1914 Creative Park(Taiwan)
2. Manager of Urban Mechanics, Thinkcity – Gan Yi Reng (Malaysia)


Moderator: Editor of Draft Magazine – Lim Huei Miin


26 November 2022



Design Talk 3 :  Emerging entrpenuers- Craft & design as viable incomes


Venue: Galeri Shah Alam (Gallery 1)



1.Pamela Tan Poh Sin – Architectural Designer
2.Walter Tan –
Managing Director of Elemental Corp Pty Ltd(Guangdong, PRC).
Design Director of PHaT Sourcing Pty Lyd (Sydney,Australia)


Moderator :
Suzy Sulaiman –
Curator of TUKANG Design & Craft Festival 2022


iv .Closing Ceremony: Gallery Tour with Curator
Time:26 November 2022,2pm-3pm
Venue:Galeri Shah Alam (Gallery 1)


v. Art & Craft Bazaar + Tourism Selangor Pitching Competition Showcase
Time:26-27 November 2022,10am-6pm
Venue:Outdoor of Galeri Shah Alam


Exhibition + Artist Sharing Session

1. INSIDE RG – T.I.K.A.R(Transformasi Inovasi Aspresiasi Rekabentuk)

TUKANG Design & Craft Festival 2022 4

A chance visit to a small village in Pekan, Pahang introduced INSIDE RG to the “mengkuang minyak” or pandanus leaf found in abundance in the rainforest. Used by the locals as floor mats and other utilitarian household items that are considered to as “low value”.In spite of this, INSIDE RG believes the mengkuang leaf is an untapped potential and can be developed into a high value resource due to its ecologically-friendly and renewable nature;in line with the sustainable development goals (SDG). For this to happen, mengkuang usage must be expanded into other consumer products so that it may touch the lives of ordinary city folks. Also, for it to thrive as a contemporary product, it should incorporate modern aesthetics and functions.

TIKAR is an exploration of extending mengkuang into a high value material. The acronym TIKAR means Transformasi Inovasi Aspirasi Rekabentuk, where contemporary furnishing is fused with mengkuang, giving it an unmistakable “Malaysian” identity. Some notable features of TIKAR are the mengkuang weaves at the bent sections of the bench, where special sewing and stitching techniques were developed by INSIDE RG to integrate mengkuang as part of the timber-based furniture. It was especially challenging to cut the mengkuang weaves at angle without having it come apart. Also, the rubberwood veneer and mengkuang surface are given a matte finish to give a more uniformed look.

Colours play an important part of decision-making by the consumer. INSIDE RG selected bright maroon and green as these colours appeal to local buyers as studies have shown that bright colours are popular among consumers from tropical climate. To achieve these bright colours in the mengkuang, synthetic dye is used. Another striking feature is the armrest that is designed with slits that also functions as cell phone holders; a ubiquitous tech gadget that has become a necessity to many.

INSIDE RG is a collaboration research group in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) that consists of three specialisations; which are industrial design, fashion and textile and landscape design. It is led by Dr. Khairul Aidil Azlin Abd Rahman, Dr. Nazlina bt. Shaari and Dr. Mohd. Yazid b. Mohd. Yunus. Started in 2016, INSIDE RG continues to pave the way to innovate local natural resources into high impact products that are relevant to the needs of today’s society.

TUKANG Design & Craft Festival 2022 5

Artist Sharing Session
● Talk Title:T.I.K.A.R
● Date:27 November 2022, 10am-12pm
● Speaker names:Khairul Aidil Azlin Abd Rahman & Nazlina Shaari
● Registration Link:https://forms.gle/dE9RJEayLpFT6pq79

2. WARENAKITA – Tepak Ulam

TUKANG Design & Craft Festival 2022 6

Tepak Ulam is a collaboration between designers from the field of product design and architecture. Arief Afandi, Hanisah Nordin and Balqis Tajalli make up the trio behind this utilitarian product.”Ulam” is the Malay salad from an assortment of local edible plants dipped in a spicy sauce or “sambal”, while “tepak” points to the base or its container.

The intention of Tepak Ulam is to celebrate the philosophy of “slow living”. It is a resistance to today’s fast-paced lifestyle by drawing one’s attention through the simple act of consuming “ulam” on beautifully handmade items. Tepak Ulam is an assemblage of three separate parts that are combined as one product which mirrors the nature of this collaboration. Hanisah is a ceramic artist who creates clay containers. Balqis, who is a cyanotype print-maker; produced the ulam-inspired table cloth and lastly Arief makes the plate for which the containers are placed on.

Tepak Ulam is not fixed to one arrangement. In fact, it can expand based on the user’s needs as different configurations can be created depending on the number of container the user may decide to use. These containers can be stacked to produce stands or can be placed on top of each other as a cover. This idea of “bertingkat” or stackable and “bertelangkup” (to be placed over) gives greater flexibility in its design. While searching for suitable ulam plants to be used in Balqis’ cyanotype prints, she discovered that most edible plants could not withstand the stark ultraviolet sunlight and would wither. Eventually, she experimented with Bayam Merah or red spinach and other local plants as her subject for the cyanotype fabric. As for the “tepak” or the platform, Arief 3D software and plans to incorporate CNC cutting on solid nyatoh wood.

Our daily lives are filled with mass-produced products, especially those related to our culture. They are disposable and pay little attention to quality of craft. Within this gap, and the designers of Tepak Ulam hope to celebrate the beauty human-made craft by making it a part of our daily eating culture. Undoubtedly, collaboration celebrates the context of its people, place and culture.

TUKANG Design & Craft Festival 2022 7

Artist Sharing Session
● Talk Title:Cherita Ulam
● Date:27 November 2022, 10am-12pm
● Speaker names:Hanisah Nordin, Balqis Tajalli & Arief Afandi
● Registration Link:https://forms.gle/dE9RJEayLpFT6pq79

3. FABCAFE- Re-Vision

TUKANG Design & Craft Festival 2022 8

‘Fab’ an abbreviation for fabrication; is a place where artists and designers can indulge in digital fabrication whilst enjoying coffee culture. FabCafe KL started in 2016 when co-founders Ignatius Andi Permadi and Gwyneth Jong realised there was a need for a space where designers could have a place to make things using digital technologies such as laser cutting and 3D printing machines. Usually, these maker spaces are only found within universities or special schools, however Andi and Gwyn believed such a place should be open to the public so that they can encourage people to become a nation of makers and not only consumers. FabCafe KL is part of the FabCafe global network which is based in Tokyo, Japan and operated by a prestigious ad agency called Loftwork. FabCafe KL which initially kicked off at Isetan Kuala Lumpur, has now relocated to Oasis Damansara where they host regular workshops and talks, where these participatory events aim to nurture a Malaysian “maker” community. The kaleidoscope was first created for a light-making workshop where FabCafe KL received an invitation from Jun Ong. The success of their workshop led them to explore other possibilities with the kaleidoscope to highlight marginalised craft and their communities.

‘RE: VISION’ is an art installation that is crafted from both digital and analogue fabrication techniques.It integrates light and colour to reimagine Temuan Orang Asli patterns and motifs. When viewed from one site, the mirrored triangular tunnels cast the illusion of infinite space where the motifs are continuously repeated.

Special attention has been made to ensure that the components such as the mirrors are precisely secured at an angle. FabCafe KL produced several mock up models to refine the assembling details before proceeding to the final giant kaleidoscope that would stretch up to 4 metres in length. FabCafe KL hopes to highlight the craft of the Temuan Orang Asli by weaving them into a fun and family-oriented interactive art installation.

TUKANG Design & Craft Festival 2022 9

Artist Sharing Session
● Workshop Title:Make Your Own Kaleidoscope
● Artist:Gwyneth Jong & Maisarah Lubis
● Date:26 November 2022,
● Registration Link:https://forms.gle/Ap6YvEpMAkpsRPkt7

4. Leon Leong x Hani Ali – A Piece of Kampung

TUKANG Design & Craft Festival 2022 10

A Piece of Kampung” is an extension from Leon Leong’s art exhibition titled “Stilt Houses – A Floating World of Kampung Baru” that was recently exhibited at Ilham Gallery, Kuala Lumpur. His art installation Stilt House No. 1 (2022) was a Malay timber house frame integrated with seven paintings which depict the encroachment of modern development heritage communities such as Kampung Baru. An artist-in-residence experience at Kampung Baru that provided Leon with new insights to the beauty and struggles of everyday pseudo-village life at the heart of metropolitan Kuala Lumpur.

While it is impossible to stop modernisation, Leon believes there is a way to bring heritage to the fore by reincarnating traditional wisdom into modern living. Instead of a “heritage versus modernity” situation, Leon explored ways of synergizing the best of both worlds.

In “A Piece of Kampung”, Leon collaborates with master woodmaker Hani Ali of Lain Furniture. Both share a passion for traditional Malay house that embodies the people, history and culture. The Malay “tanggam” timber construction is a method of connecting two or more timber beams using slits and pegs without resorting to nails or screws. Structure built with tanggam can be disassembled when needed, allowing flexibility to the joined parts. “A Piece of Kampung” is a series of art installations that investigates/incorporates(?) the traditional tanggam craft into contemporary household objects. Made of recycled chengal, they take the form of shelves and hooks and can be attached to different parts of an interior space such as ceiling beam, table top and wall corners. Leon and Hani shared the vision of wanting to extend the beauty and wisdom of the Malay tanggam into today’s modern homes.

“A Piece of Kampung” is an homage to the woodworking craftspeople of traditional Malay timber homes. Through this collection, Leon and Hani hope the wisdom of traditional crafters will be more appreciated and admired by today’s generation.

TUKANG Design & Craft Festival 2022 11

Artist Sharing Session
● Talk Title:A piece of Kampung
● Date:27 November 2022, 2.00pm – 4.00pm
● Speaker names:Leon Leong & Hani Ali
● Registration Link:https://forms.gle/dE9RJEayLpFT6pq79

5. BATIKTEKTURA x Gharib = Mok Pod

TUKANG Design & Craft Festival 2022 12

“Mok Pod” or “Mother’s House” which draws inspiration from the concept of ‘Rumah Ibu’; a term used to describe the main spaces within a Malay house. In this collaboration project, between Gharib and BATIKTEKTURA produced an art installation through a fusion of architecture and batik. Zul Fadzly Mohd Salleh of Gharib worked with BATIKTEKTURA duo Nor Azrina Lasa and Yezreen Mohamed Yusof are the persons behind this vision.

As a Terengganu native, Yezreen grew up in an environment where batik is infused in one’s daily life. In Mok Pod, she reimagines batik design through modern lens by applying design principles such as repetition, composition and hierarchy in her batik design. She explored hundreds of designs of the Selangor state’s official flower, the “bunga tanjung pecah sembilan” and architectural elevation drawings of Mok Pod to be used as patterns for the art installation’s fabric. After the selection process, BATIKTEKTURA worked with Terengganu’s master copper block maker to produce the blocks. Their determination to push the boundaries of batik’s usage only known as a clothing or as simple decor to that as a building cladding material can also be seen in their choice of muted colour palette where patterns can be discerned as visual texture.

On the other hand, Zul Fadzly of Gharib is inexplicably drawn to traditional building techniques called “Tanggam” or the “tongue and groove”. This common joinery allows builders to assemble a house without the usage of nails and when needed, it can be disassembled to make way for house extensions or even relocations. Inspired by the tanggam, Zul pushes the boundaries of this technique by incorporating onto a modern material such as acrylic; a type of hard plastic.

This art installation forms a dynamic spatial harmony between the masculine nature of building structure with the feminine nuances of the batik fabric.

TUKANG Design & Craft Festival 2022 13

Artist Sharing Session
Talk Title:’Mok’ Pod _ Experimentations in ‘Tanggam’ and ‘Batik’ Making
Date:27 November 2022, 2pm-4pm
Speaker names:Zul Fadzly Mohd Salleh, Yezreen Yusof, Azrina Lasa
Registration Link:https://forms.gle/dE9RJEayLpFT6pq79


TUKANG Design & Craft Festival 2022 14

The batik-making process relies heavily on a special tool to make the batik patterns. Batik ‘terap’ or batik chap is when this special tool called ‘sarang’ block, is dipped into molten wax and stamped on a fabric to create a pattern. ‘Sarang’ blocks are usually made from copper as they are good heat conductors and can be used to print hot wax onto the fabric. Unfortunately, ‘sarang’ blocks are becoming increasingly expensive because they can only be made by skilled coppersmiths and such craftsmen are slowly disappearing. Also, the rising cost of copper; has made ‘sarang’ block cost to range from a few hundred ringgit to a few thousands, depending on the design’s complexity. The expensive batik making tools have placed tremendous pressure on the local batik industry.Young batik designers and small batik businesses are struggling to procure ‘sarang’ blocks for their usage. If this situation continues without intervention, it could push Malaysian batik to the brink of extinction. This critical need has led Najwa Ma’aris to develop a new alternative block batik tool to reduce costs while maintaining the integrity and essence of batik block production. She found her answer in coconut husks as an alternative material for the batik blocks, where design motifs are hand-carved onto blocks.

Collaborating with Ikat Lestari, they combine batik block and tie-dye techniques to attract a wider consumer interest towards contemporary local textile. Najwa focuses on creating a block batik tool, while Alif and Ammin focus on exploring block batik production and tie-dye techniqueTheir motifs carry the story of Selangor as they incorporate Selangor’s official flower, the “Bunga Tanjong Pecah Sembilan” as the main motif and other flora and fauna found in nine districts in Selangor to reflect the “Seindah Batik Selangor”. ‘ECOVS’ , which carries the meaning of sustainable innovative batik block tools. It aims to make batik blocks accessible to the novice batik designer and entrepreneur so that they can continue to reinvent the local batik industry in line with today’s consumer demands and needs.

This project is an on-going research from the Faculty of Arts and Design, University Teknologi MARA. Najwa and Ikat Lestari members; Alif Naqiuddin Abd Halim and Muhammad Nur Ammin; are working together for the first time as they were introduced university professor, Dr. Mohd Azhar Samin, who saw a great possibilities by collaboration.

TUKANG Design & Craft Festival 2022 15

Artist Sharing Session
Workshop Title: WORKSHOP – Creating Your Touch of Masterpiece kits.
Artist:Ecovs Team
Venue:Outdoor of Galeri Shah Alam
Time (30 minute duration per workshop)
10am-12pm by registration, Free of charge
2pm-4pm by walk in,RM25 per person
Registration Link:https://forms.gle/LBnea6PvBEKCmtkA7